Dassie Paleis

Dassie Paleis is a true bushveld resort, with lots of birds and beautiful indigenous flora set amongst granite hills.

The name is as a result of the hundreds of Dassies (Rock Hyrax) roaming the fields and koppies.

Dassie Paleis offers various facilities for guests to choose from including:

●  Dassie Rest
●  Dassie Lapa
●  Dassie Tea Garden

A highlight at Dassie Paleis is every January when the infant dassies are brought out for the world to see and to be taught lessons of survival. This wonder of nature provides hours of entertainment.

Dassie Paleis is the perfect establishment for nature lovers, be it for a function, to have a cup of tea or enjoy the backpacker and self-catering or luxury accommodation.

Contact Details

Tel No: 082 562 3894

Spoorweg St & Van Tonder Street

Website: www.dassiepaleis.co.za