De Vette Mossel

Early in December 2004, Niël du Bois and a number of workers / friends with Brolloks, his 1950 Chevrolet, arrived high-loaded with boards, ropes and nets in Mossel Bay – after decades as a journalist and media advisor, his free spirit to live out and open a seafood eatery somewhere on a beach.

With the Mercy of Bo (and thanks to a municipal official or two who shared the vision of a seafood eatery on the beach), the first De Vette Mossel was established, the doors propped openly and … the first guests turned up… and turned up… and turned up…

Due to sustained and appreciated support from newly-found Mossel friends, De Vette Mossel has grown and grown. It was inevitable that the success had to spill over and in October 2012 Neels and Annette Swart opened the second De Vette Mossel Seafood Restaurant in Hartbeespoort Dam – with its own beach and Tietiesbaai Lighthouse !!!

Contact Details

Tel No: 082 346 3731

R511 near the Jasmyn Fruit Market