Siesta Tapas

Siesta Tapas Bar and Bistro is a Spanish Tapas restaurant with an African twist, located in the Hartbeespoortdam area in North West. The word “Tapas” is derived from the Spanish word “tapa” which means to “cover”.

The history behind tapas is as unique and interesting as our famous dishes itself:
A concept, believed to have originated more than a century ago in Andalusia Spain, where bartenders placed a slice of bread on top of their customer’s glasses in order to prevent fruit flies from drowning in their drink.  This soon became customary to spice up this bread with interesting toppings such as cheese and ham – creating a snack. Soon the diners started to come back for these “covering snacks” and the rest is history.

Contact Details

Tel No: 012 253 1038

Corner of Scott Street & Karlson Crescent